Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MASCF 27 St. Mike's -Trip to MD Day 1, Thurs

Philly to St. Mike's and back. Best Trip ever. Sailed from Philly in SILENT MAID. Got a sail on EDMEE S., CBMM's log canoe. Judged some to the prettiest boats ever. Missed having URCHIN a bit.


Flying in over the same bit of river I would sail down in a few hours.

Post Modern scenery.

Under the Walt Whitman.

Passed Roger in GWYNLYN.

The wind picked up in the afternoon. Passing under the Commodore Barry.

Running down river to the C&D canal. Salem Nuclear.

In the canal on GPS.

Nice Light.

Rip rap and current.

Sunset and Moonrise.

The gloaming at Chesapeake City.

Supper in the cabin on the new table.

On the watch for crab pots. John taught me a new standing steering technique. Almost to our anchorage in the Sassafrass River.

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