Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Island Camping

Assateauge, MD. October sail/camping with friends: Mike, Phil, John, Pete & I. Bay water was warm and thin perfect for melonseeds, kayak and Urchin. Sunrise, picnic on an unnamed island, Phil surfing home on a run. Mike ghosting past John.

Lands End Chatham

Sailing to the Atlantic. Began at Quanset, stiff head winds, off the Neck started sailing. Made it through the channel, picnicked in the lee of the dunes, great kite wind.

Circumnavigation of Strong Island

A blustery day, but nice in the lee. One of the first times I had Urchin out in a stiff breeze. Took some getting used to. Max & Pete paddled.

Nauset Marsh Sail - Mill Pond to Nauset Cut

Mom & I on the porch, Nauset marsh, Auntie on the beach. Pete's kayak as a wind break.

30 years

Cruising by the Chatham cut. Anniversay Island, actually Hog Island in Little Pleasant Bay. Ripping sail and a nice picnic.

River Rat

Light winds on the Delaware.

Memorial day race

A no wind regatta backwards upriver start at Red Dragon.

A Good Year for Sailing

Almost daily sails on the Delaware from the venerable Dragon made the summer fly by. Notable island trips include the cape, Asseteaque, & St. Mikes.

In September, the TSCA went sailing on the A-cats. Here are a couple on their moorings at DeRouville's Boatvard. I forgot my camera, this is a shot by my friend John Guidera.

25th MASCF at CBMM Oct 2007. Log canoe flying her kite. Morning on the dock.
Finisher oar-on-gunwale rowwing. Sails at the start.