Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big Boats

I really like sailing Silent Maid, but I'm not going to give up small boats real soon. Got a Tuck-up to finish at the seaport first.
This picture is by Barry Long, builder of gorgeous melonseeds. Eye in Hand Gallery.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009


Pete gives a talk on our trips to Maine for the Small Reach Regattas. I can't go to the meeting this month since I have a night class to teach on Tuesdays. Some pictures from the 2009 SRR are here.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

GWYLAN on the Delaware

Thank you to Roger for a super sail down river and back. GWYLAN roiled along in the stiff breeze, a dry and comfortable boat. We met the CG buzzing around the new Navy ship, spoke to ELK RIVER, a lovely new tug, who graciously gave us tack room under the Ben Franklin, gave the tourists on the ducks a thrill (and a lesson in beauty.) The sun broke through on the way back and gave us delightful blue sky. Adding to the bucket list, I filled in a section of the Delaware that was missing and connected the dots.



Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MASCF 27 St. Mike's -Trip to Philly Day 5, Mon

Leaving Bohemia Creek homeward bound.


Cap't rousts the crew early.

Make way for the canal.

Schooner alert. This LIBERTY CLIPPER out of Boston.

Leaving the canal for the Delaware.

Man overboard drill.

As fast as we can go.

Beating Home.

Seaport in view.

Great weekend.

Good shipmates.

Pleasant journey.

Oh, and I did not explain about tugboat wake wash. That will be another tale, for another day.

MASCF 27 St. Mike's -Trip to Philly Day 4, Sun

Leaving St. Mike's today.

Morning Mist.

Jenny does a roll.

SILENT MAID enjoys company!

Rail meat and the cockpit is full. I was amazed at how the helm became light when the crew moved out to the rail. Even though it was expected, it was a revelation to feel it.


Cranking in a reef.

Sailing off wind.

Thru the lift span at Kent Narrows.


It is rough and cold this afternoon. Newt steers most of the way.

Moonlight sailing again. This is just about the best. Quiet, gentle winds, slow swells, easy to pick out the marks. We sail until 2am to make Bohemia Creek.

MASCF 27 St. Mike's Day 3, Sat

Heading out for the races on Sat.

I spent the morning judging boats so no early photos. I should have taken a picture of each one Dean & I spoke with.


Silent Maid sails around the fleet carrying a crowd of spectators.

The start.

What a thrill!. Log canoes are de bomb.

Ron G., John, and Wendy after being dunked.


The other half of MAID's crew and Munsons as boardmen.

SLIPJIG and friends.

Vera & John England enjoying a romantic getaway.

Men's row and paddle race. This is always interesting because of all the obstacles in the harbor.

MAID in St. Mike's.

Cap't John and foremast deckhand, rated able.

Tube boat.

MAID berthed on the crab shack dock.

Moonrise over the fleet.

Lightning over the Miles River.