Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MASCF 27 St. Mike's Day 3, Sat

Heading out for the races on Sat.

I spent the morning judging boats so no early photos. I should have taken a picture of each one Dean & I spoke with.


Silent Maid sails around the fleet carrying a crowd of spectators.

The start.

What a thrill!. Log canoes are de bomb.

Ron G., John, and Wendy after being dunked.


The other half of MAID's crew and Munsons as boardmen.

SLIPJIG and friends.

Vera & John England enjoying a romantic getaway.

Men's row and paddle race. This is always interesting because of all the obstacles in the harbor.

MAID in St. Mike's.

Cap't John and foremast deckhand, rated able.

Tube boat.

MAID berthed on the crab shack dock.

Moonrise over the fleet.

Lightning over the Miles River.

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