Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MASCF 27 St. Mike's -Trip to Philly Day 4, Sun

Leaving St. Mike's today.

Morning Mist.

Jenny does a roll.

SILENT MAID enjoys company!

Rail meat and the cockpit is full. I was amazed at how the helm became light when the crew moved out to the rail. Even though it was expected, it was a revelation to feel it.


Cranking in a reef.

Sailing off wind.

Thru the lift span at Kent Narrows.


It is rough and cold this afternoon. Newt steers most of the way.

Moonlight sailing again. This is just about the best. Quiet, gentle winds, slow swells, easy to pick out the marks. We sail until 2am to make Bohemia Creek.

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michael bogoger said...

Great post, great trip, wonderful pictures.
Thank you!