Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Took Patrice out sailing on URCHIN yesterday. She enjoyed it very much. The wind was light, URCHIN behaved herself, not missing stays and tacking around well. The breeze (from the West) was just enough to beat the tide (going out). We sailed slowly to PA, ran across to the marshy bit by the power station and beat home with the tide back to the dragon.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Callahan Cup

Fri Jul 18
Sailed TORCH out of BayHead Yacht Club with John, Chuck, Bobby, Judy & Nick. The wind was on the light side, no reefs. Due to position and a hang up at one of the marks we got a third in the first race. During the second race there was a bunch up of sandpipers at the last course mark and we slipped by MARY ANN and SPY for a second place. GHOST came in first both races, SPYDER looked super out there, TAMWOCK hit the committee boat. Best of all I got a ride on BARNEGAT. She is a beautiful cruiser, very sexy lady. The sandbaggers sailed a couple races with a load of kids on board. There was a covey of sandpipers. These look like comfortable boats, a bigger beetle cat. Best of all, four sneakboxes were out and sailed close races.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Been Sailin

Burlingtom & back

Friday, July 4, 2008

Cape Cod Spring

Had a great time visiting Mom & Dad. Took URCHIN up on her trailer. It is just like having a new puppy, folks come over to see the boat. The whole family was there. We made a picnic trip to Strong Island with the whole floatilla. Later in the week, Marie ame up and we sailed (she paddled) over to Hog Island for another beach read. We all ended up reading in the boats though, because the greenheads and deerflies hatched out. The week before was great, no bugs.

Solstice Sail

Solstice Sail, July 2, from Ocean Gate Yacht Basin across Barnegat Bay to Tyson's Shoals. We made a lunch stop somewhere on the barrier beach. Went for a swim in the Ocean; it was cold and I got trounced by the wave I was surfing. We had 10 boats out. I sailed on OBADIAH with Pete since my trailer lights quit working that morning. No scurvy, good wind with interesting dynamics. Everyone made it home safe, except for John. He served as bait for greenheads. The last three photos are his. The first three are Jim Luton's. We saw Jim & wife Holly again at the Small reach. see Jim's blog at sailingskiffs.blogspot.com


Cookout at the dragon. Pete fidding aound, a little shanty singing, Kevin's wonderful boat.