Thursday, September 17, 2009

4 Days on Silent Maid-day 3

Sunday, Sept. 13, 09 Cape May - Cohansey Creek
HILARY ANN, a Carl Adams powerboat with a wonderful open cockpit.

Talking shop in the engine room of ANNA M. On deck enjoying her fine detailing.

Afloat in the harbor of Corinthian Yacht club.

Topping off the water, refueling and stowing the shore power started day three through the canal.

A doryman in JOB.

Passing under one of the bridges across the Cape May canal.

Best seat in the house for a morning cup of tea. Passing the Lewes Ferry.

Out comes the sun. Up goes the sail. Out come the reefs.

The breeze kicks up. The bay responds with square waves. A new term for me, it means waves that are the same height and period. Like 2' waves, 2' apart.

Navy blue sky, sail from on deck, we are beating into the wind again. It has headed us the whole trip so far.

John and Chuck trade off steering. It looked like it would be too hard for me to hold the course, but I did not try.

We bury the rail repeatedly. After taking pictures, I napped in the lee. The gollywobble got me when I went below for the peanut butter. Afternoon snacks everyday were fruit & cookies. Fig Newtons and Gingersnaps.

Late afternoon the breeze fell a bit with the sun.

Warm wood, setting sun.

We are in Cohansey Creek.

Maid leaves her sail shadow on the marsh grass.

Pete has to go to work on Monday, so we drop him off at Greenwich in a touch and go.

Chuck heads back out the winding creek on the vespers of a breeze.

Almost to the anchorage at the end of the creek.

Good Night Silent Maid.

Supper of soup, salad, bread & butter, peaches with dumplings. No bugs! We sleep with the cabin & ports wide open.

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