Monday, August 11, 2008

Burlington Island & Back

Fri. Aug 8. Made a run up to Burlington Is, took the SE passage past Curtin's. Wind died, rowed against the tide down river, Sailed across to PA. Wind rizing. Row under the bridge on Pennsy side. BY now the wind is really blowing hard. 2-3' chop in the channel, rowing is a chore. Decide to sail across below the power station. Check the buoy data, the gusts are 25. Made 5.5 over the bottom according to GPS across the tide. Rowing against wind & tide 1.2.-1.5. Sailing up avg about 2.3 against the tide. Great data from bouy 41.

The vellow is upriver track, mostly running against the tide. Orange is the return mostly rowing, some beating, against turned tide and wicked wind.

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